Roll over 2011

It’s that time of the year once again when you hear groans and moans, “oh the year has ended so fast…”  It has indeed been a fast year! Too many fasts. The fast is coming on too fast. As Indians, we are only too familiar with the idea of fasting. From the freedom struggle and the Father of the nation, to the Anna of the nation. When Annaji started his crusade, the fasting phenomenon caught the attention and empathy of the entire nation. We all counted with bated breath as the sun set on yet another day of Annaji’s fast.  “God, how many more days can he hold on?” was the question on everyone’s lips. His pain reached out and touched many others, and soon there were other fasters, championing his cause, the nation’s cause. But, his recent threat to fast again on December 27, is if anything at all, only drawing sighs and groans, “oh not again…” The euphoria that the idea generated earlier has surely worn off.  Of course, it would be quite another thing if, for a change, Kiran Bedi or Anand Kejriwal, stop shooting from behind Anna’s shoulders, and go on a fast themselves!

Here’s another one that is destined to bite the dust. Chikni Chameli and Katrina’s jhatkas, are not pushing up even an eyebrow, unlike the storm that Sheila ki jawani created. Vaibhavi Merchant has a lesson to take home: You cannot keep spinning magic with the same spell.

Let’s hope that Vidya Balan, intelligent that she is, will understand the janta better. Her “Blouse-full” performance surely has her riding the crest of success. But, will you tolerate her in a second rendition of the same avatar?

The one person who is not affected by this “need for newness” is Mahesh Bhatt. Predictable has come to be his middle name. When Sunny Leone glided into Big Boss, who wouldn’t have known that soon we would see her steaming up the celluloid, courtesy Bhatt saab. Jism 2 will soon have Jannat 2 close on heels, or is it vice versa? Who cares?  My memory fails me, but was he the guy who gave us gems like Saaransh and Arth?

The list continues ad nauseumwhy this, why this…Di? We want “New”, not just NEWS.


But, but, but…every rule has an exception. The only encore we would love many times over is Harvinder Singh in action!! Ek hi thapad se kya hoga?

So, while we close the year on a copy-paste mode, let’s hope and pray that the coming year keeps the newness alive in body, mind and spirit!! Here’s to 2012 – ek naya daur!

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  1. Wah Lata ek naya daur! kya baat hai so be it specially with the up coming Triumph Run 2012 on 22nd January @Holy Cross School-Thane “Breaking Barriers,Winning Smiles” 🙂

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