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Woman Or Superwoman?

Click here to read my article published in Women’s Web on March 27, 2012….

A queer book launch

A queer book launch


It was the first ever book launch I had been to. And, my first ever gay encounter.  The glorious sheen of both experiences will be hard to blur out of memory for a long, long time.


I do read about the LGBT community in newspapers and magazines. But, listening to their bold and passionate spokespersons, in flesh and blood, was quite another mind journey. There were three of them, celebrities in their own right, facing a mixed audience. As they took turns to speak about the travails of entrapment, I could feel their angst and agony.


It dawned upon me that they were so intertwined in the fabric of our existence.

It dawned upon me that they were not some rare species from another world, to be stared at, or to be poked fun at.


It is a reality of life. I realised that it is not a fad of the new generation. I recollected that our epics have always had shades of queer portrayals.

Queer literature and queer movies have always existed.


I use the word ‘queer’ often times here. It’s deliberate. I met this word at this very forum. I heard them all use it. I understand it is appropriate to the context. explains the usage of queer thus: For decades queer was used solely as a derogatory adjective for gays and lesbians, but in the 1980s the term began to be used by gay and lesbian activists as a term of self-identification. Eventually, it came to be used as an umbrella term that included gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered people.


Sounds okay as a study in semantics…yet, it rankles somewhere.


An Ode to Innsbruck

Was it the silver cobbled road
or the silver snow-capped mountain,

That vied for my eye?


Was it the lush green at my feet,
or the burst of fire on the tree,

That vied for my eye?


Was it the cold wind tossing my hair,
or the gentle caress of the raindrop on my lip,

That vied for my eye?


Was it the coloured shop awnings adorning the street,
or the white mountain drapery lacing the street,

That vied for my eye?


Was it the slow meandering lanes,
or the people’s lazy weekend stride,

That vied for my eye?


Was it the graceful glide of the tram,
or the energetic push of the cycle pedal,

That vied for my eye?


Was it the gay abandon and cheer,
or the overflowing mugs of beer,

That vied for my eye?


Was it the city of gaiety and celebration,
or the city of divine inspiration,

That vied for my eye?


Was it Innsbruck, an Austrian city,
or the crowing glory of God’s opulent generosity?

INCOGNITO gets a face!


The run up to the official launch of INCOGNITO (April-May) is gathering many a milestone! Many firsts happening in my life since my protagonist Anjali decided to make a confession and unfolded her bizarre story.


An interview with the author, yours truly, soon coming on a website…a signed copy of the book to be given away as a prize for a contest!! Second round of printing over and distribution underway…Corporates placing bulk orders on stores for copies to be given away as mementoes!


Phew! INCOGNITO is getting a face!! You bet I am relieved!


Let me tell you, this is no less an ordeal than that of delivering a baby. You nurture it with a degree of possessiveness that borders on lunacy…and then the time comes when you have to let it out…into this big, bad world.


And then, a brood of advisors and consultants suddenly swoops down upon you telling you how to bring up your baby. Not just that, they pick on your baby’s most delicate features (what you thought were the most desirable), those very features that you lovingly moulded during those tender and equally painful months of incubation. If you counter them protectively or even whine, they say you are touché!



Your baby is suddenly out in the cold, flailing its arms wildly and wailing for the warmth of your bosom. Now, you have a choice – hold your baby in a tight embrace, close to your chest and promise to never let it go out into the wicked world.

Or, brace yourself, and let your baby slip through your outstretched hands as you whisper into its ears – “Go forth, and create your life.”  


INCOGNITO is creating her life. I wish her all the luck and fortitude she needs. I know she will make it. After all, she has inherited the genes!

A Toast to Womanhood with Capricious Caprioska


A Toast to Womanhood with Capricious Caprioska

What better way to celebrate womanhood than let your hair down with a bunch of whacky girlfriends over Sula Brut and Caprioska! Gleeful laughter peeled out from deep within, as we raised a toast to ‘being woman’.


A few sips down, our feelings began steadily gurgling over.


Why we liked being a woman?

Gosh, this blog won’t be enough to list out all the reasons!!


Which woman did we admire the most and for what.?

Well, for most of us, she was from close family. For some, a celebrity and for most deep down, it was I, Me, Myself!


Oh we spoke about our men folk, too.

Which one of them did we admire the most?


Surprise, surprise…no not the George Clooneys of the world.

It was good ol’ Papa, or Appa!


Then the conversation veered towards our perpetual foe – the gilt-edged guilt. After a bout of venting, we stoically resolved, (raising our glasses in a determined gesture) that it was high time we stopped relenting.


So, with guilt out of the way, life promises to take on a new dimension – unfettered love and caring for oneself, so that we could spread happiness all around. Because, it is only a happy heart that spreads true happiness!!


As for the little irritants, Oh, c’mon, our canvas of life is so expansive! Ignore the little bumps, focus on the mountain of joy that is beckoning you!!


On International Women’s Day, here’s raising a toast to a new you…Go forth, the world’s your playground!



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