A Toast to Womanhood with Capricious Caprioska


A Toast to Womanhood with Capricious Caprioska

What better way to celebrate womanhood than let your hair down with a bunch of whacky girlfriends over Sula Brut and Caprioska! Gleeful laughter peeled out from deep within, as we raised a toast to ‘being woman’.


A few sips down, our feelings began steadily gurgling over.


Why we liked being a woman?

Gosh, this blog won’t be enough to list out all the reasons!!


Which woman did we admire the most and for what.?

Well, for most of us, she was from close family. For some, a celebrity and for most deep down, it was I, Me, Myself!


Oh we spoke about our men folk, too.

Which one of them did we admire the most?


Surprise, surprise…no not the George Clooneys of the world.

It was good ol’ Papa, or Appa!


Then the conversation veered towards our perpetual foe – the gilt-edged guilt. After a bout of venting, we stoically resolved, (raising our glasses in a determined gesture) that it was high time we stopped relenting.


So, with guilt out of the way, life promises to take on a new dimension – unfettered love and caring for oneself, so that we could spread happiness all around. Because, it is only a happy heart that spreads true happiness!!


As for the little irritants, Oh, c’mon, our canvas of life is so expansive! Ignore the little bumps, focus on the mountain of joy that is beckoning you!!


On International Women’s Day, here’s raising a toast to a new you…Go forth, the world’s your playground!



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