INCOGNITO gets a face!


The run up to the official launch of INCOGNITO (April-May) is gathering many a milestone! Many firsts happening in my life since my protagonist Anjali decided to make a confession and unfolded her bizarre story.


An interview with the author, yours truly, soon coming on a website…a signed copy of the book to be given away as a prize for a contest!! Second round of printing over and distribution underway…Corporates placing bulk orders on stores for copies to be given away as mementoes!


Phew! INCOGNITO is getting a face!! You bet I am relieved!


Let me tell you, this is no less an ordeal than that of delivering a baby. You nurture it with a degree of possessiveness that borders on lunacy…and then the time comes when you have to let it out…into this big, bad world.


And then, a brood of advisors and consultants suddenly swoops down upon you telling you how to bring up your baby. Not just that, they pick on your baby’s most delicate features (what you thought were the most desirable), those very features that you lovingly moulded during those tender and equally painful months of incubation. If you counter them protectively or even whine, they say you are touché!



Your baby is suddenly out in the cold, flailing its arms wildly and wailing for the warmth of your bosom. Now, you have a choice – hold your baby in a tight embrace, close to your chest and promise to never let it go out into the wicked world.

Or, brace yourself, and let your baby slip through your outstretched hands as you whisper into its ears – “Go forth, and create your life.”  


INCOGNITO is creating her life. I wish her all the luck and fortitude she needs. I know she will make it. After all, she has inherited the genes!

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  1. Lata, your baby is equipped to face the bad world out there and I am sure will come out with flying colours. Now its your turn to sit back and bask in its glory

  2. Maneesha Bhosale

    Wow wow wow Lata

  3. dear lata congratulations once again ,you have delivered a strong ,thrilling,mesmerising baby rest assured your baby is going to rock the world n m sure all who read it will be elevated to another world.Nonetheless all the best may great reviews follow ur baby.

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