A queer book launch

A queer book launch


It was the first ever book launch I had been to. And, my first ever gay encounter.  The glorious sheen of both experiences will be hard to blur out of memory for a long, long time.


I do read about the LGBT community in newspapers and magazines. But, listening to their bold and passionate spokespersons, in flesh and blood, was quite another mind journey. There were three of them, celebrities in their own right, facing a mixed audience. As they took turns to speak about the travails of entrapment, I could feel their angst and agony.


It dawned upon me that they were so intertwined in the fabric of our existence.

It dawned upon me that they were not some rare species from another world, to be stared at, or to be poked fun at.


It is a reality of life. I realised that it is not a fad of the new generation. I recollected that our epics have always had shades of queer portrayals.

Queer literature and queer movies have always existed.


I use the word ‘queer’ often times here. It’s deliberate. I met this word at this very forum. I heard them all use it. I understand it is appropriate to the context.


Thefreedictionary.com explains the usage of queer thus: For decades queer was used solely as a derogatory adjective for gays and lesbians, but in the 1980s the term began to be used by gay and lesbian activists as a term of self-identification. Eventually, it came to be used as an umbrella term that included gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered people.


Sounds okay as a study in semantics…yet, it rankles somewhere.


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  1. Hi Lata:

    such a subject, i expected more…thought am i missing the pages here?

    your last one on Sindhi Pakwan was too good (frankly read it only now from the archives) and keen to know what is pakwan and taste one too if its veg ! the build up was awesome and i dont think Sunil would have like this reaching the start line of a marathon.


  2. Hey one comes away with mixed feelings I guess.
    I remember there was this chap at school we used to call chiklet for the way he would come and stick. We were all boys in our boyhood element then & this was one odd guy..
    But he was a hit with the girls though (couldn’t figure that out) but that suited us to egg him on for introductions 🙂

  3. Thanks Kannan!

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