Unplugged at 45

Unplugged at 45



45 is not the new 25.

45 is liberation at all levels.

At 45, home is a secure retreat…needs, wants, luxuries all met. Gizmos accumulated over a tedious struggle that began at 25.

Baby diapers are history, and all that grovelling before nannies and babysitters.

Adult diapers, still a far cry.


Baby is now 18…grappling with the woes of adolescent crushes, and crushed by the enormity of performance pressure at every teen turn.

Ha, ha! At 45, there’s no guilt under the quilt— non-performance gets away scot-free.


45 is the age of globe-trotting.

With a now-bulky Provident Fund, sowed and reaped on tight purse strings and austerity measures, the world is for the asking!

Spoilt for choices…


Fashion diktats bounce off disappointed.

Comfort, practicality and maturity are the designer labels of the 45.

Late nights are no longer at the mercy of kids’ sleeping times and parents’ curfew times.

Movie watching is an uninterrupted affair. No more tugging along a haversack with feeding bottles and pacifiers. No awkward 10 year olds to deal with as the hero and heroine get into compromising positions.


Post-dinner strolls are a prerogative at 45…mortification at 25.


Those years of searching for personal space finally result in transcendent discoveries at 45.

Finally comfortable in your skin.

Life is now lived on an inner radar, rather than on the approvals of intrusive eyes.


At 45, living life by choice,

A new grace and elegant poise.

A sprinkling of naughty spice,

And it’s all there to rejoice.


Happy birthday to me!!




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  1. well said…. happy birthday to you..

  2. carelessbytes

    Thanks Nayna!

  3. great one, happy bday dear

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