Babu Moshai ….RIP

Babu Moshai RIP

He nodded his way into my heart.

He often adorned my adolescent fantasies, singing in an open jeep, as I sat by the window in a rolling train, swaying to the tune of his “Mere sapno ki raani.”

One of my early constructs of passion is a hungry Rajesh Khanna seducing an appetizing Sharmila Tagore as he extolled, “Roop tera masthana.”  I didn’t care about the fire burning in the background. I had to douse the flames within.

His Andaz was irresistible.  He got the best leading ladies…and the best songs…

A gloriously bedecked Mumtaz vying for his attention as she croons, “Bindiya Chamkegi”.

Or, a poignant and serene Waheeda, as he sings to her “Woh shaam kuch ajeeb thi…”as they cruise gently in a canoe.”

He endeared to me as the Bawarchi who brings semblance and order to a family breaking apart.

I don’t remember him for any 6-pack body. Neither do I recall his valour in fighting 20 goons single-handedly.

But, I can never forget his vulnerability and the child-like charm as he held aloft a clutch of balloons on a sandy beach, seeking answers from life as he sang, “zindagi kaisi hai paheli…”

Media reports his death, and in the same vein, talks about his unsuccessful relationships…long past and the recent past…What a mockery! They talk thus of a man who said, “kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehena…”

The pathos with which he courageously proclaimed, “Anand mara nahin karte” still echoes in my heart.

He hated tears. So, I shall shed none.

Do I hear the refrain….?

Achcha toh hum chalte hain…

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