Steven Covey RIP

Steven Covey RIP



The news of Steven Covey’s death gave me a heavy heart and an unwillingness in the mind to accept it.


It seemed unlikely that a person who taught the world to live life to the fullest, could pass on from this world?


For years now I have been living Covey’s 7 habits. His weekly planner is a way of life for me.  It is from him that I learnt the invaluable lesson of setting goals for each of my roles in life. If I am living a meaningful life, doing all the things that I always dreamed of doing…I owe it to Steven Covey. Begin with the end in mind, he professed. And how well that has worked for me!


His 7 habits urged me to move on from efficiency to effectiveness. Then he presented to me the 8th habit, where he showed me how to elevate myself from effectiveness to greatness.


Sharpen the axe, he advised. Take time off to reinvent yourself, to make a more effective comeback, every time. His lessons jolted me up from a slumber that I had sunk into in my juvenile years.


His writings always spoke of putting first things first…family and relationships were the cornerstones in his formula for personal success. He coaxed the world into value-based and principle-centred leadership. Sadly, not many have emulated his teachings.


But, what touched me the most was to read that his family of 9 children and 52 grandchildren orbited around him all the time.


All nine children and their spouses were there with him during his last moments. A life well-lived, a man who practised what he preached.


Even in death, he taught me a lesson…synergize.


Dear Steven, you shall remain immortal in the good habits that define who I am. Thank you so much.




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  1. Balasubramanian N.G.

    After seeing this blog I have decided to follow the Seven Habits.Hope it is not too late in my life.

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