Review of Kathryn Stockett’s The Help

My ratings: 4/5
Spectacularly poignant! A timeless saga of three women clandestinely plotting a risk. The story transported me to a time and era where sharp lines were drawn between white people and coloured people sharing homes and family members.

A sense of quiet rebellion flows through the book. The journey is subtly interrupted by a sense of hopelessness, a sense of despair, a sense of high anticipation, a sense of victory and renewal.

Kathryn Stockett takes us into the simple lives of the colored maids who become more than maids to the white children they raise. She beautifully strings together the emotional turmoil of the white ladies, their sense of insecurity, their mixed emotions towards their maids, and their crying need for social acceptance.

The book tugged at my heart strings, boiled my blood in anger, brewed angst and pain in me and touched such a deep chord that it has left behind a sublime aftertaste.

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