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The Home Builders



The Home Builders


Face half masked,

Coarse tendrils of hair

peeping out from under the bandana,

falling loosely on the rough cheek

Shrivelled white skin forming

webs around the toes,

topped with black nails

dry, rough, whitened fingers


a colour-lost vest

holds together a sweaty chest

that sits atop a precariously perched hip

tied together by stained drawstrings

dangling from a pair of shapeless bermudas


A dozen such men

groove to the sound

of the drill boring a hole

they push and pull to

the drone of the cutter

as it goes through metal

the wall heaves in feeble protest

before crumbling into a heap of brick


Splat, wet plaster clings to the wall

Thud, a slab of ceiling flattens to the ground

Kreeeen, the drill screams

Trrreee-trrrraawww, goes the saw


The air is thickly white

Wood shavings swirl around like confetti

Wires hang like a noose from the roof

The floor is carpeted in a fine layer of dust


We have an extended family

Dozen them, four we

They dream my dream

They grant me my wish

A grand makeover for my home


Soon, I will rejoice in my new home

They, the true home builders

will move on…

To dream someone else’s dream

To give someone their dream home!!





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