Life’s Lesson

Life’s lesson


Today is one of those days

Where the mind slackens

The breathing slows

The heart calms.


It is one of those days

When an awakening dawns

Shedding light on a darkened patch

Leaving behind a learning so rich


Life’s bigger moments

Slip away

When smaller skirmishes

Are embraced like a noose


Time, the best healer

Always has the last laugh

Today’s issues

Become yesterday’s sillies


Life is not about hoarding bad memories

It’s about collecting souvenirs

Strewn along the path

Are gleaming gems and decaying filth

All yours for the picking


In your later years

What would you like to send yourself?

A telegram reeking of anger and sorrow, or

A postcard of fragrant memories and sunshine smiles?



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  1. dr suyash patankar

    beautiful thoughts….
    beautifully worded !!!

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