Ctrl F my life!

Ctrl F my life!


It is one of those regular mornings when I stand looking into my open closet. My ample forehead creases into a frown.  My hands glide over the clothes hanging sleeve to sleeve.


I am searching.


Just in case you are thinking how chaotic and disorganised I am, you have another think coming!  I take pride in my tidiness. My closet is neat.


But, some things are just beyond my control. You really can’t blame me if my closet has, for some strange reason, shrunk in size.


I admit I am a compulsive impulsive shopper. But, there’s nothing that I have bought that is useless. I only buy stuff that I can use…well…, maybe not right away…but yes, when I do shed some inches off my expansive waist, I know I will slip into that LBD…I just need another year, that’s it! I am well on my way. Big deal!


Or, even that purple laced shirt. I didn’t have the heart to turn away when it looked imploringly at me from the Mango rack. Are you faulting me on my keen sensitivity? It’s slightly over a year since it occupies pride of place in my closet. Insha allah, in a few months from today (I can feel it in my gut) I will be wearing it… and flaunting it! I trust my intuition.


As I said, my problem never was and never is a problem of plenty. I only want help in searching for stuff.


So, this morning as I stood looking into my open closet, an idea whooshed across my mind.


How great it would be if I could do a Ctrl F to find stuff in my closet, like I do on my word processor!!!


I mean, just think of the possibilities! I could do a Ctrl F and specify ‘white linen tops”. And, my entire collection of white linen tops (including the ones I have bought a while ago and…well…forgotten) would move ahead along the rack for me to pick and choose!


See? That would be the icing on my already oh-so-organised life!


If only! Sigh!


I have it all thought out. When I do a Ctrl F and, due to some error or bug, the system throws back an, “insufficient memory space”….well… no stress!


I can always choose the Replace All option…and get new stuff!!!


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